Around the Pit ft. Ryuu, GBcasts, Motpax, and I. Much ado about Manila.

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Ryuu, Gareth, and Motpax sat down with me to argue about who surprised us all, who flopped the hardest, and where they think the main event is headed! Hopefully you think its a worthwhile way to fill your time before the opening ceremonies in 6 hours!

I will be in and out all afternoon and would love to field feedback or answer questions! Mahalo for your time.


Submitted June 06, 2016 at 09:18PM by Toffees_dota2
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MacBook Pro vs Asus UX305

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I’m planning to buy a laptop as I start school. I will be using it for word documents, standard surfing / videos and most importantly dota 2.

I’m looking into either MacBook pro ($1500) vs Asus UX305 ($1000)

I’m not only looking at specs, i’m also interested in looks which MBP exceeds asus, lifetime of machine until it starts lagging , I had an alienware and I played D3 on it for a year and it started lagging incredibly. Now that totally scares me from buying a windows again and playing games on it. Resell value, I buy a mac for 1500 today, I could probably still sell it for $800 4 years later. Same cannot be said for the asus.

Game play, how does the game run on mac? Does it lag or does it perform better than similar windows laptop? Do I have to boot camp to windows, does it take a lot of work? I’ve never owned a mac laptop before.

Thoughts? Thanks.

Submitted June 06, 2016 at 09:45PM by kenshi3
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[Player Discussion] Newbee.kpii

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Currently Newbee is considered to be a top 3 team in the world and I wanted to discuss their offlaner Kpii (Damian Chook), he currently holds the highest KDA in the group stages in Manila - 16.20

His Notable heroes are: Naga, Doom, Tidehunter and Facelessvoid

Kpii was also a past member of MVP Phoenix

I think he is one of the best offlane players in the world(if not the best) currently and the amount of plays he makes for his team is unbelievable.

Submitted June 06, 2016 at 08:45PM by ace-s
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PSA: If you don’t have a shield/heal do NOT buy Athene’s.

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Don’t even use the excuse that it gives MR. It has 25 MR, the same as the base Null-Magic Mantle. This happens quite often.

If you need mana or cooldown, go for a Morello. Need MR, buy an Abyssal.

I’m looking at all the Taliyah and Fizz players I’ve personally seen buy this item.

And for Pete’s Sake, please read patch notes (6.9 to be specific).


Submitted June 06, 2016 at 11:36AM by b_ootay_ful
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We should see our own cash instead of spectated players’ cash when dead.

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This is a minor suggestion that I think would give a small boost to quality of life when playing CSGO.

As it stands, you view the currently spectated players’ cash instead of your own after you have died. I know that finding your own cash is simply a TAB-key away, however I believe that it would be more intuitive to simply display your own cash at the side of the HUD at all times.

The reason for this is that I frequently find myself checking the side of the HUD when I know the round will be ending soon to see if I will be able to buy on the next round. Upon realising that this is not actually a display of my cash, I have to hit TAB to check whether I will be able to buy next round.

Just a small suggestion and Valve probably won’t see this, but I’d like to know if you guys think this would be a worthwhile change.

Edit: Didn’t realise so many people had this issue. Perhaps Gaben will shine his light upon us.

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